Level Up Consulting Agency

Founded in 2015

Level Up :-

(Function) Verb

(Definition) new level/higher experience

Created, branded and registered in Vancouver, B.C, Level Up Consulting Agency is a contemporary startup company created by an SFU student Moe Marjani in aim to help and recruit students wanting to come to Canada.

Previous Vancouvr office address Canada 703 - 402 West Pender St. V6B 1T6

Within the first year and having a physical office in downtown Vancouver, Moe successfully recruited over a dozen ESL students from the Middle East, South America and many more transfer students wanting to pursue their post-secondary in the United States. The business is currently home-based and runs virtually.

Why study abroad?

To many international students and newcomers, homesickness is common because it is difficult to establish or develop a sense of routine in a new place or city, specially after being attached to home. By time and familiarizing with others through communication and sharing, the longing fades away while the individual desires to explore and learn more about their new environment.

Like many North American cities, Vancouver for example is rated and surveyed to be the best place to live in North America, and 5th in the world in 2014-2016 by Mercer Quality of Living survey. The high standard of living and beautiful nature makes it a wonderful and easy place for students all around the world to study here.

International students play a big role in Canada’s economy. They contribute a big number of many post-secondary and English as a Second Language (ESL) admissions all over North America. British Columbia is home to some of the world and North America’s top leading post-secondary institutions.  Many ESL schools have approved pathway programs with numerous post-secondary institutions, allowing students to study and focus on English for Academic Purposes (EAP/ESL) elsewhere, then start their academic programs in their accepted academic institution.

An advantage of going through ESL schools is that it is cheaper than a University or College, and can provide the same quality of teaching, given the basis of the pathway program. They also offer far more interactive and social learning experiences compared to formal institutions, by having tours, trips, hangouts, and other social related events; pushing students to leave their “comfort” zones and communicate with others.

The universities show exceptional teachings and interest in varies public research fields, such as technology, communications, media, and medicine.